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Who’s the Monster Here?

Frankenstein's monster's stitches were done so roughly in the original film so people would immediately look at him and know he was a monster. Those stitches have since become a symbol for the monster. You can paint your nails black and green, with stitches tieing the colors together, and people will get the reference. Look at your monster nails! But the theme we come back to when we talk about Frankenstein, is that the creature wasn't the monster. Victor, the doctor who created him, was. He created this person, for his own selfish reasons, with no thought to[...]


The Society’s Favorite Classic Monsters

Since I've started posting about that classic monster of Frankenstein's here on Wednesdays, I thought it would be a great opportunity to pry open the minds of the other Midnight Society members and see what their favorite classic monsters are! Make sure to let us know what your favorite is in the comments! What's your favorite classic horror monster? I’m a fangirl of bloodsuckers, personally. I loved tracking the progression of the vampire in literature back to the days of Robert Polidori and Sheridan la Fanu, but especially seeing its evolution as a romantici[...]


Zombies? Frankenstein Was Undead Before It Was Cool!

When I was a kid my favorite thing to draw was Frankenstein's monster. Eventually, I drew a little monster family, and wrote little stories about their adventures together. They had a little dog, too. Frances, the daughter, really liked math and science, and liked to play with building frankenbugs. Some kids are cooler than others. I thought it'd be fun to do a post about my love of Frankenstein and fill your brains up with some frankenlove, but when that post crept up over a thousand words, I thought, how about a series of posts where we can just keep talking[...]


52 Hours of Classic Horror

Want to catch up on your classic horror stories, but don't have enough time? My husband stumbled upon this 52 hour spotify playlist of scary stories. Most of these are pulled from the days of radio broadcasts. The list includes your classic Edgar Allan Poe and Hitchcock stories, and a 1944 broadcast of Frankenstein. There are stories and poems, lasting a single minute or twenty-five. I've always had a romantic fascination with Frankenstein, and started pulling out Edgar Allan Poe volumes in my youngest library days. I love the rattling of chains and the howl or[...]


Penny Dreadful

The Midnight Society loves a good creepy movie, so when I first saw the preview for the new Showtime Original Series Penny Dreadful, I knew I had to share. The geniuses behind the show have taken the dark and twisted characters from classic tales like Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Dracula. Set in Victorian London, this series looks like it will bring on the creepy darkness of all our favorite horror characters--with a huge twist. I have a feeling this series will be a huge hit! Harry Treadaway, plays Dr. Victor Frankenstein--he needs no introduction.   T[...]