Doctor Sleep


Doctor Sleep: A Girl, Some Popcorn, and the Shining

Big Stephen King fan here, all us Midnighters are. When Doctor Sleep hit shelves in 2013, I was excited. A sequel to The Shining? One of my very favorite books? The answer to what happened to Danny Torrance? Yes please. I loved the book, but I'm not here to talk about that. Yesterday, I bought a ticket and a lot of popcorn, and took myself to see the movie based on Doctor Sleep. I'm not here to compare the movie to the book, because I read it a long time ago and comparing the two causes frustration. The movie should have its own space, be its own entity. Alt[...]


After the Attack: Horror Sequels

Happy Halfoween! Get out your now empty plastic eggs and fill them with fingers and eyeballs. Behead the Daffodils. Leave bloody footprints as you tiptoe through the red tulips. Keep watch for killer bunnies. As we're halfway to Halloween, I began to ponder how, in scary books and movies, we are given only half of the story. The demon has been defeated by rituals and symbols. The ghost vanquished. The insane killer with the chainsaw has been left to die in a rock quarry or lake. The vampire staked. The werewolf left breathless by the silver bullet. All the ev[...]