Doctor Sleep: A Girl, Some Popcorn, and the Shining

Big Stephen King fan here, all us Midnighters are. When Doctor Sleep hit shelves in 2013, I was excited. A sequel to The Shining? One of my very favorite books? The answer to what happened to Danny Torrance?

Yes please.

I loved the book, but I’m not here to talk about that. Yesterday, I bought a ticket and a lot of popcorn, and took myself to see the movie based on Doctor Sleep.

Doctor Sleep movie poster 2019

I’m not here to compare the movie to the book, because I read it a long time ago and comparing the two causes frustration. The movie should have its own space, be its own entity.

Although I did pick up on a few differences, I told myself to enjoy the movie.

So I did! So much enjoyment. Creepy. Disturbing. Great images. Great emotions. Fantastic characters.

Grown-up Danny, struggling with his fears, locking them away, trying to escape. Afraid of becoming what he hates. But he can’t run from who he is.

Abra loves who she is, but hides it, afraid of not being accepted.

Rosie…well, Rosie is awesome. Evil, but awesome. I might have a crush.

A movie about acceptance. About forgiveness. About facing fear.

This movie is a great sequel to the 1980 film The Shining and takes us back to the terrors of the Overlook Hotel, and gives us the music, the atmosphere, and beloved, unforgettable scenes. Every nod to the original movie made my horror-loving heart shudder with glee.

The new faces, including a new evil, adds another level to the story, and, in the end, it offers hope.

The best horror reveals the light by forcing us to face the dark.

What a wonderful world of darkness it is, so since the movie reminded me of all the things I love about Danny’s life, I’m off to reread The Shining and Doctor Sleep.

Cheers and nightmares!


  • Kimbra
    November 19, 2019

    Haven’t seen the movie of Doctor Sleep but enjoyed the book. Maybe it’s like World War Z, the book was great the movie should have been called Pre-Z because it wasn’t World War Z at all. Anyway, I enjoyed your write up.


    • Kathy Palm
      December 5, 2019

      I went in ready for it not to be like the book and to enjoy it. So I did. It’s a different beast than the book, just like The Shining movie that it follows is not like the book. If you want to give it a shot, do it. If you want to stick with the books, I can’t blame you, I love them.

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