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Writing Bloody- Flash Fiction Contest!

Welcome to The Midnight Society’s #OctFearFest! All of us here at The Midnight Society LOVE the month of October. It’s when we can let our freak flags fly and invite others join us in the fun. There are soooo many things we have planned for you this month—all creepy and crawly, strange and terrifying—but we’d be nothing without horror writing. THIS is where you all come in! Last year, I hosted a horror poetry contest and one lucky winner won some signed art by the fabulous SP McConnell. This year I’ve upped the ante and will be hosting a Writing Blo[...]


Top Scare Flash Fiction Contest

With the philosophy in mind that anything can be scary, The Midnight Society brings you Top Scare, a new flash fiction contest. The Contest Post to the comments section below a piece of flash fiction (700 words or fewer) about the seemingly benign noun of the month. This month's benign noun is a mailbox. Here are some images that could get you thinking, but you are not required to use them: The Prize On Sunday, October 5, the Top Scare of all the entries will be announced. The winner gets a badge specially designed for that month. What will it l[...]


Disturbing Web Finds #2

My journeys through the www have led me to some truly creeptastic things. My wide-eyedness prompted the first 'Disturbing Web Finds' post, and I'm happy to report, there are many more freaky finds where those came from. Honestly, I'm not sure how I run into these stories. It's totally not on purpose. But since I do, I figure it's only fair that I share the creepay creepay with all of you. I'm gracious like that. You're welcome. :) First, we have this video (which I found on Facebook) of a praying mantis dying. But the thing that made my stomach knot up, flip, cl[...]