My journeys through the www have led me to some truly creeptastic things. My wide-eyedness prompted the first ‘Disturbing Web Finds‘ post, and I’m happy to report, there are many more freaky finds where those came from. Honestly, I’m not sure how I run into these stories. It’s totally not on purpose. But since I do, I figure it’s only fair that I share the creepay creepay with all of you. I’m gracious like that. You’re welcome.


First, we have this video (which I found on Facebook) of a praying mantis dying. But the thing that made my stomach knot up, flip, clench, and repeat was what happened after the poor bugger kicked the bucket.

Click for video. Also, pee first.

Next, there was this weirdo black ring in the sky over England. I first saw this article when it was retweeted in the Twitterverse. Later, the black ring was reported on some more reputable news sites where they provided a sort-of explanation. Whatever it is, it’s creepy.


Now, this next one is REALLY cool (and also courtesy of Twitter). Twenty Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories. Did you hear that? Amazing, right? I mean, chill inducing in two sentences = flash fiction at its finest.

There are TWENTY of these things.


Have you found any freaky things on the web this week? Share it with us.

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