horror in nature


The Frogs of May

It had rained for the past nine days in the Sunshine State.  Torrents of water, buckets of it, had poured down.  The days had been soggy.  The nights had been filled with thunder and wind. And frogs. The unending rains have driven them into a frenzy.  Tree frogs called in screechy wails, like fingernails scratching down a blackboard, over and over. Each night it got louder.  The swamp behind May's house vibrated with it.  It drove her cat crazy. May thought a storm woke her.  But the frogs had drowned out the thunder.  Each chorus sounded like they w[...]


Blood on the Ground and the Devil’s Tooth

The Midnight Society likes their books a little bloody, but other bloody things are tantalizing, too. There’s something so enticing about the shiny, red liquid. Which is why, in a field of torn apart trees, I was recently kneeling to take photos. Amidst all the destruction, I had spotted blood on the ground. The ground was covered in fresh mulch and leaves. The forest had been shredded to bits. Stumps were pulled from the ground, black soil drying in clumps on their exposed roots. Devil's Tooth fungus (Hydnellum peckii) grows under forests, its myceliu[...]


The Feel of Little Legs Crawling on the Back of Your Neck

“What’s the matter, Mr. Pratt? Bugs got your tongue?” And with that, the horror of Creepshow overtakes us. We’re already on edge watching the cockroaches skitter through Mr. Pratt’s immaculate home. They pop out and dart into the light. It's unnerving. Moments before Mr. Pratt is overcome with cockroaches, before they pour from his mouth and burst out of his split skin, we are already imagining it. Bugs. On his tongue. In his mouth. Imagine them crawling around in there, their spiky little legs scraping against your teeth. If you are shuddering b[...]


New Year, New You

She ate the water hemlock because she knew it was poisonous. The white blossoms were tasteless, but the leaves tasted green, like a stalk of celery. The first cramp was brutal, and that was it. She died there on the trail, just where it got muddy as it skirted around the marsh. Her spirit drifted right up from the spot where she fell. Her body had landed in an awkward position, partway into the tall grass. So much for a graceful departure. Her body looked wretched. She didn’t remember any of the thrashing and pain that showed on her gaping mouth and twisted l[...]


Disturbing Web Finds #2

My journeys through the www have led me to some truly creeptastic things. My wide-eyedness prompted the first 'Disturbing Web Finds' post, and I'm happy to report, there are many more freaky finds where those came from. Honestly, I'm not sure how I run into these stories. It's totally not on purpose. But since I do, I figure it's only fair that I share the creepay creepay with all of you. I'm gracious like that. You're welcome. :) First, we have this video (which I found on Facebook) of a praying mantis dying. But the thing that made my stomach knot up, flip, cl[...]