Frightening Fall


Join Us on 10/30 For Part One of Our SLEEPING BEAUTIES Chat!

If you've been following the blog or our #FrighteningFall hashtag on Twitter, you know the Midnight Society is reading Stephen and Owen King's Sleeping Beauties for our fall book club. Since the book is broken into two main parts, we've decided to have two book chats about it! So, we'll be discussing Part 1 of Sleeping Beauties on October 30th at 9pm EST, using the hashtags #MidnightBookClub and #FrighteningFall. Come discuss the book with us--we want to know what you think! You have over a week left to get halfway through. We'll be coming back in November and[...]


The Midnight Book Club Takes on SLEEPING BEAUTIES for #FrighteningFall

Put your reading glasses on, kids. This week, Stephen and Owen King's new epic Sleeping Beauties was releases, and The Midnight Society is making it our book club selection for our Frightening Fall event. For the months of October and November, we'll be reading and discussing Sleeping Beauties as part of our Midnight Book Club. We'll be holding two chat events--one in October and one in November (dates/times TBA)--and we'll be using the hashtag #MidnightBookClub. We'll also be talking about the book throughout the next two months using the hashtags #Frighteni[...]


The Summer of Screams Is Ending, But the Frightening Fall Has Just Begun!

We here at the Midnight Society had a blast celebrating the Summer of Screams. Not only was there an amazing writing and art showcase hosted by our amazing founder Jolene Haley (which you can check out here), but my fellow Midnighter Kathy Palm and I live-tweeted three flicks from my favorite franchise ever, Friday the 13th! In fact, we had so much fun that we can't stop just because summer is over. So, welcome to the Frightening Fall. We'll be live-tweeting more Friday the 13ths, as well as some of our favorite '80s horror flicks, throughout the next few mont[...]