The Summer of Screams Is Ending, But the Frightening Fall Has Just Begun!

We here at the Midnight Society had a blast celebrating the Summer of Screams. Not only was there an amazing writing and art showcase hosted by our amazing founder Jolene Haley (which you can check out here), but my fellow Midnighter Kathy Palm and I live-tweeted three flicks from my favorite franchise ever, Friday the 13th!

In fact, we had so much fun that we can’t stop just because summer is over. So, welcome to the Frightening Fall.

We’ll be live-tweeting more Friday the 13ths, as well as some of our favorite ’80s horror flicks, throughout the next few months. In September, we’re got two classics for you:

We’ll be live-tweeting the original Nightmare on Elm Street on 9/13 at 9pm EST

And we’ll be live-tweeting Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood on 9/27 at 9pm EST

And that’s not all–we’ve got plenty of other cool stuff planned as well, including an entire month of Halloween-themed insanity. From the first day of September, right through your turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day, we’ll be using the hashtag #FrighteningFall on Twitter for all of the horror-related activities the Midnight Society is getting up to. And if you haven’t followed the Midnight Society on twitter yet, now would be a great time to do so. You can also follow my fellow midnighter Kathy Palm and I to make sure you’re keep up with our horror movie live-tweets.

So pull on your favorite wool sweater, brew up a fresh pot of coffee, and join the Midnight Society for Frightening Fall. Something wicked this way comes–and it’s us.

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