Let’s Play SOMA for #OctFearFest

October is the month of horror, and I'm playing two excellent--but very different--horror games this month. Last week I posted the first episode of my UNTIL DAWN let's play, which is basically a slasher movie you get to play through. This week is the first episode of my playthrough of SOMA, a very atmospheric horror game that brings to mind equal parts BIOSHOCK  and DEAD SPACE for me. For #OctFearFest, I’ll be playing through all of SOMA, and I’ll be posting the videos both here are over at my gaming site, Co-Op Critics throughout the month. You’ll a[...]


Let’s Play UNTIL DAWN for #OctFearFest (Ep. 1)

In addition to being a huge horror fan, I'm a lifelong gamer. So, anytime those two interests can overlap, it makes me very, very happy. And it just so happens that a game arrived recently that not only combines my love of horror and games, but does so with my favorite kind of horror movie--the slasher film. UNTIL DAWN is a game where you as the player are essentially directing your own slasher film. Every choice that you make has a ripple effect on the story, and who lives and dies will do so because of your decisions (or lack thereof). For #OctFearFest, I'll[...]


Yes, Gone Home really is a horror game.

Late last year a kerfuffle broke out on twitter about video games, one of the many, many, many targets of the ire was the critically acclaimed game Gone Home. People said it was too short, it wasn't really a video game, it cost too much, it was marketed as a horror game when it wasn't one--- Whoa, whoa, back that up, sparky. Not a horror game? Okay, if you haven't played Gone Home, stop reading this now, buy the game, and play it. You'll thank me. There's a lot to love here, from the riot grrrrl soundtrack, to the voice acting, and the '90s references. Thi[...]