A Very Macabre Christmas

I love Christmas. But I love the idea of a gothic Christmas more. When Nightmare Before Christmas became a thing, it spurred a ton of fantastic, whimsical, dark Christmas celebrations that I adore. Most of you know that I'm a huge Pinterest and page 20 Google digger so I wanted to share with you all, a few of my favorite macabre Christmas decorating ideas for the holidays. If you don't celebrate Christmas, I think most of these ideas can easily be tweaked to reflect what you are celebrating. Found here. Found here. Found here. Found here. Found[...]


Curious Things Found on the Internet – Part IV

New stuff! Shenanigans! Weird things! Welcome to the fourth instalment of Curious Things Found on the Internet. We're taking it eclectic this week, and curating a mishmash of different things from various areas, and different parts of the world. Cat funerals! Tiny coffins! The hotel from Stephen King's The Shining! Hell yes. Let's have some fun, and get those inspirational juices flowing.   Curious Things Found on the Internet - Part IV Edinburgh’s Mysterious Miniature Coffins "The “fairy coffins” discovered on Arthur’s Seat, a hill above Edinb[...]


The Subtle Storytelling of Bloodborne

I love it when everything I think I know about writing horror gets turned on it's head. One, it helps me to grow as a writer. Secondly, it means I got bloody well scared during the process. Bloodborne, the newest game for the Playstation 4 from From Software, did both these things. Yet, on paper it shouldn't have. First it's gothic horror, which hasn't been scary in years (but it's the last refuge of solid atmosphere) and it's cosmic horror, which is probably the hardest subgenre to pull off. Don't get me wrong, I love them both, but that doesn't change the fact[...]


A Magic Dark & Bright Excerpt and Giveaway!

A MAGIC DARK & BRIGHT by Jenny Adams Perinovic I am so excited to be featuring this book on The Midnight Society today! I just know you're going to want to hear more about it. This is a YA Gothic Romance, with ghosts. Do I know how to pick 'em, or do I know how to pick 'em? And, it's brand new! Welcome to the world, A Magic Dark & Bright! Jenny Adams Perinovic has graced us with an excerpt and giveaway today. Here we go... Goodreads Order a Signed Paperback (US): One More Page Books Order the eBook:  Kindle (US) ·  Kindle (UK) ·  Nook  ·[...]


Silhouettes and Creepy Shorts: The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello

As summer approaches, I have been thinking of fun things to do with my laser cutter, and as a result, have again been thinking about shadow puppets and scary silhouettes. Which reminds me of one of my favorite short films: The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello. Nominated for an Academy Award in 2006, Anthony Lucas’s animated masterpiece is definitely worth checking out if you’re not familiar with it. Jasper the airship navigator is haunted by the memory of a previous crew mate's death, a death he feels responsible for. Meanwhile, his city o[...]