I love Christmas. But I love the idea of a gothic Christmas more.

When Nightmare Before Christmas became a thing, it spurred a ton of fantastic, whimsical, dark Christmas celebrations that I adore.

Most of you know that I’m a huge Pinterest and page 20 Google digger so I wanted to share with you all, a few of my favorite macabre Christmas decorating ideas for the holidays. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I think most of these ideas can easily be tweaked to reflect what you are celebrating.


Found here.


Found here.


Found here.


Found here.


Found here.

I think of silver, black, and white the most for my inspiration but I also love black and purples together.

I’ve also made a Pinterest board with more inspirations. You can check it out here. Or search on Pinterest or Google for “macabre Christmas” or “gothic Christmas”. I’m telling you. There’s some amazing inspiration out there!


What kind of style Christmas or holiday are you going for? What is your inspiration?

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