No Sleep till Tokyo: Essential J-Horror Films you shouldn’t watch alone

Everyone's got their thing: for some people it's slasher movies, for others it's creepy-looking revenge spirits. I fall into the latter category. Given that it's j-horror month, I'd like to celebrate by re-introducing a few of my favourite horror movies that deal with yurei. Even if you've never heard the word "yurei" before, you'd probably know one if you saw one: the white shoudlike dress, the long, matted black hair, and the penchant for indiscriminately killing anything and everything they come in contact with after a certain amount of time. It's a very parti[...]


Curious Things Found on the Internet – Part III

So. This post was planned a few weeks in advance. More on this in a sec; largely because it has to do with where I am when this post goes live. (Delays on comment responses will be inevitable, I'm afraid.) With The Forest's recently released, there's been a spike in talk about Aokighara Forest in Japan -- the setting in which the movie is based. You might have heard of it before, as it is featured in Kendare Blake's follow-up to Anna Dressed in Blood: the sequel to the series, Girl of Nightmares. Maybe you're a fan of Atlas Obscura (I sure am) and came across[...]


Horror from around the Globe: Aokigahara

Hello Kittens,   I hope your holidays were delightful. My better (but far less scary) half got me a nest for Christmas, so I spent a ridiculous amount of time in my papasan chair, colouring in my Sherlock book and reading, swaddled in fluffy blankets and wearing a frog onesie. It was majestic. Now that the holidays are over, it seems we're getting a delightful pile of fresh new horror. flicks We kicked it off with KRAMPUS, and have THE BOY coming out soon, which looks awesome. But the one I'm most looking forward to is THE FOREST. THE FOREST is about Aok[...]


The Vengeful Spirits of Japan

We horror writers are made of sturdier stock than most, right? We can handle a good scare without much psychological scarring. I think? Maybe? This is the lie I usually tell myself as I pop in another horror movie: "I can handle it." Telling myself that "I could handle it," I sat down for the first time to watch a series of Japanese horror films that basically destroyed my sleeping patterns for a the few following months. I bought a nightlight. I developed a habit of dashing from the bathroom, which is three feet away from my bedroom, once I'd shut off the ligh[...]