kathleen palm


#SpookyShowcase: Time by Kathleen Palm

Welcome to the 9th annual #SpookyShowcase, a Halloween artist and author showcase. A full schedule of submissions can be found here so you don't miss a single entry for THESE DEADLY CURSES. Now, on to today's submission! Time by Kathleen Palm I fixed it. I think. I hope. Because my Emily will love it. She needs it. Something bright and happy in a world of chemo and doctors and dark and pain. My black fingernails tap on the trunk as it pops open, adding to the evening song, the happy crickets and cicadas melding with the happy cries of kids[...]


New Years Celebration: Happy Birthday Kathy!

Today is a special day. Why? Our whovian friend Kathy was born today and you know what that means? Party time! Kathy is an author (you can buy her book Twilight Madhouse 4), whovian, trekkie, and potterhead. You can find her here on Twitter, where you can often find her watching movies and tweeting about it. Send her a happy birthday message!   Let's get this party started!   To get this party started, we're going to need lots and lots of snacks! We'll also be needing some delicious cocktails to get the party started! I found this cute tard[...]


Happy Happy Birthday Kathy!!!!

Happy happy birthday Kathy! The spirit and the fairies are swirling and dancing around, celebrating you out in the graveyard as we speak. They mentioned something about the curse being broken with this birthday, but I'm not entirely sure what that means. We love Kathy for so many reasons. For one, she's the GIF queen. Don't believe me? Follow her on Twitter (you're welcome in advance). She's also an incredible writer. You can read her free scary story Crimson Reality here, you can follow her blog, and you can add her upcoming novel DOORS on Goodreads. The s[...]