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Giving Thanks for Turkeys and BLOOD FREAK

BLOOD FREAK is the movie to watch with your weird friends and family while you recover from your Thanksgiving feast. Don’t worry, it won’t make you crave more turkey. In BLOOD FREAK, the turkey eats you! BLOOD FREAK isn’t a traditionally good movie. It’s gloriously 1970’s, with motorcycles, bikinis, and ominous drug use. It has the weird trappings of retro horror like Elvis-style hair and mad scientists. It’s wondrous. Herschell is a Vietnam veteran who meets Angel, a religious woman, along the Florida Turnpike. Angel helps Herschell find a job a[...]


Til Death Do Us Part: Best Spooky Couples

Being that Valentine's day is this weekend and our theme this week on the Midnight Society is Til Death Do Us Part (Romance in Horror), I wanted to talk about some of my absolutely favorite spooky couples from movies. And then I want to hear from you. Which spooky couple is your favorite? Oh, and if you're following along on the series, Faith has already kicked off our theme with a post on The Bride of Frankenstein! Check it out. There is not much that I love in the world, more than horror. But I do love romance and horror. Which of the people below are your favor[...]