Giving Thanks for Turkeys and BLOOD FREAK

BLOOD FREAK is the movie to watch with your weird friends and family while you recover from your Thanksgiving feast. Don’t worry, it won’t make you crave more turkey.

In BLOOD FREAK, the turkey eats you!

BLOOD FREAK isn’t a traditionally good movie. It’s gloriously 1970’s, with motorcycles, bikinis, and ominous drug use. It has the weird trappings of retro horror like Elvis-style hair and mad scientists. It’s wondrous.

Herschell is a Vietnam veteran who meets Angel, a religious woman, along the Florida Turnpike. Angel helps Herschell find a job at a turkey farm. Anne, Angel’s partying sister, falls for him and gets him to smoke pot. These come together at the farm laboratory, where Herschell is assigned to eat a drugged turkey on his second day at the job.

He transforms into a turkey monster that feeds on the blood of drug addicts. Like you do. But there’s a twist! Will Herschell be redeemed? Can a turkey monster and a partying sister find love?

Watch BLOOD FREAK for its ridiculous practical effects and to become unexpectedly attached to the characters, even the mad scientists. And watch for the director.

The director breaks into the movie several times to philosophize on moral choices. He warns us the movie is based “partly on fact, partly on probability.” Indeed.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the United States and celebrants abroad! We at The Midnight Society are thankful for you.

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