Giving Thanks for Turkeys and BLOOD FREAK

BLOOD FREAK is the movie to watch with your weird friends and family while you recover from your Thanksgiving feast. Don’t worry, it won’t make you crave more turkey. In BLOOD FREAK, the turkey eats you! BLOOD FREAK isn’t a traditionally good movie. It’s gloriously 1970’s, with motorcycles, bikinis, and ominous drug use. It has the weird trappings of retro horror like Elvis-style hair and mad scientists. It’s wondrous. Herschell is a Vietnam veteran who meets Angel, a religious woman, along the Florida Turnpike. Angel helps Herschell find a job a[...]


Over the River and Through the Wood

I grew up celebrating Thanksgiving on the edge of a Florida swamp. Our cabin was perched in the crook of a bend of the Little Withlacoochee River. It stood on eight-foot posts because sometimes the blackwater river would come out of its banks and spread through the swamp. You’d have to wade to the cabin then, shuffling to find the hidden logs, your legs lost in the dark water. It was pretty great. Thanksgiving Day was spent fishing, exploring the woods and making holiday crafts my mother devised. One year, we traced each other’s outlines on butcher paper. E[...]


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving boys and ghouls, shrieks and goblins, readers and robbers!   I just wanted to shout out for a second to my amazing crew here at The Midnight Society.   Amy, I am grateful for you. Faith, I am grateful for you. Kim, I am grateful for you. Timon, I am grateful for you. Kathy, I am grateful for you. Jenna L., I am grateful for you. Brian, I am grateful for you. Kira, I am grateful for you. Jennifer, I am grateful for you. Jenna J., I am grateful for you.   Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this blog.[...]


Happy Thanksgiving Midnighters!

There are three things in the world that I love. 1. Dean Winchester 2. Horror anything 3. Turkey And well, today I can celebrate with all three! I want to take a moment as well, to tell you all what I'm thankful for (in addition to these three things). I'm thankful for Amy, Jennifer, T.A., Kira, Faith, Suzy, and Nicole, the fabulous members of The Midnight Society. I'm grateful for all of our readers and followers, who celebrate the wonderful darkness that dwells between the cracks of everyday life. I'm thankful for storytellers, illustrators, and authors[...]