Trailers to Die For–A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

I LOVE movie trailers. My favorite part of going to the theater is seeing the previews, and as my family will tell you (much to their annoyance), I have to be in my seat before the previews even start, or the whole theater experience is ruined for me. Obviously, my favorite kind of trailers are horror movie trailers, and most of my all-time favorite horror flicks had me hyped for their release with a killer trailer. In this series, I'll be looking back at some of my favorite trailers, and I'm starting with a classic--A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. h[...]


Music To Write Scary Stories To: Dance With The Dead

I've written about music a few times here on the blog, and as I've said before, the only thing I love more than horror is music. I try to bring those two loves together as much as I can, which is why many of my stories are littered with musical references. I also love to listen to music while I'm writing, preferably instrumental music. That usually means a lot of video game and horror movie scores. But there are some bands and artists that make for perfect writing music, and one of them is Dance With The Dead. THE SHAPE by DANCE WITH THE DEAD Dance With The Dead[...]


Ghost’s “Rats” Is a Love Letter to 60s, 70s and 80s Horror Flicks

https://youtu.be/C_ijc7A5oAc Isn't it magnificent? Man, I love Ghost. Earlier this month, the band released the first video for their upcoming Prequelle album, which will be arriving on June 1st. If you don't follow Ghost, you are missing out on the wonderful theatrics and lore Ghost builds around everything they do. I'll do another post about Cardinal Copia and his backstory alter, but for now, let's just bask in the awesomeness that is "Rats." Not only does this song have a distinct early 80s Ozzy Osboure feel, but it also feels like it could be off the sound[...]