Death Scenes and Dioramas: The Crime Scenes of Frances Glessner Lee

Steps from the White House, hanging from a red brick building lit from below like someone holding a flashlight under their chin to tell a ghost story, the banner read, “Murder Is Her Hobby.” Well now. I was instantly drawn in to Renwick Gallery and Murder Is Her Hobby: Frances Glessner Lee and The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, an exhibit that highlights her contributions to forensic science and delightfully macabre craftwork. In a time when women were expected to pursue ladylike hobbies, Frances Glessner Lee (1878-1962) directed her money[...]


Currently Reading: These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

So, I checked out These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly at my local library, and holy crow, it is SO GOOD that I am completely obsessed with it. I don't want to eat or go to work or really do anything at all except read this book! I'm not even done yet but I've already bought my own copy to keep and the first book in her Waterfire saga YA series Deep Blue to start when I'm done with this. These Shallow Graves has everything I was looking for: a murder mystery, romance, high stakes, more murder, more romance, mystery mystery mystery, girls doing what they s[...]


Halloween Murder: The True Story of The Candy Man

I love Halloween. And thanks to member Erica's genius brain, we're celebrating the build-up to Halfoween, the halfway point to Halloween this year. Faith made these awesome banners for Halfoween and I'm in love. I picture little Dracula bunnies with fangs, hopping around among happy Easter eggs.   Today's story is not a happy one but a true one nonetheless, about a horrific murder that took place on Halloween night in 1974. This story is the cause of many urban legends, parental fears and movie inspirations, to this day. This is the true story of The Ca[...]


A Review of HORNS

From 2001-2011, Daniel Radcliffe was synonymous with the Harry Potter phenomenon. During those ten years, we watched him grow from a boy into a man—one who has since moved on to playing older characters in Rated R movies such as: The Women in Black and Horns. The movie Horns is not your typical horror movie. In fact, it’s really a thriller with some horror undertones. And who better to write the novel that was adapted for the screen, than Joe Hill. For those who don’t know who Joe Hill is, I have two words for you…Stephen King. Joe Hill has made a name f[...]


Blue Baby

My students teach me new things all the time. Sometimes, I wish they hadn't. During a discussion about genres, I was giving examples of traditional literature. This turned into ghost stories, then into Bloody Mary, and even scarier Urban Legend I'd never heard of...Blue Baby. Here's what the kids told me: If you stand in front of a bathroom mirror, you need to recite the saying "Blue Baby" thirteen times while pretending to rock a baby in your arms. After the thirteenth time, a baby will appear in your arms. If you don't throw it into the toilet and flush it[...]