Where to Query Your MG Horror Novel (Part 2)

The Where to Query series is now off to a running start and if I'm lucky, I'll have about as many addendums to this as there are Land Before Time movies. I wanted to do this because sometimes your eyes start to cross when you're researching agents. I know that sometimes I find myself wishing that someone would just make a list for me. So, here you go friends. A magical list put together just for your middle grade horror novel!   I've written one post previously on this, titled: Where to Query Your YA Horror Novel. That post is helpful for anyone to re[...]


Where to Query Your YA Horror Novel (Part 1)

I have a campy YA horror novel that is struggling to find a home. The market isn't as strong for YA horror as it is for say, contemporary romance. I know what you're thinking--but what about authors like R.L. Stine or Stephen King? Darling, they are outliers. Sometimes when I go to ALA or other conventions and ask publishing houses about current YA horror that I should have on my radar, they're not as quick to have recommendations for me as they are for other genres.  Not always, of course. Sometimes they grace me with a zillion recommendations and it's love[...]


5 Dos & Don’ts of Querying Horror (+ GIVEAWAY!)

I decided to tackle a post on something I am asked about all the time. Like, really, all the time. I don't think more than a day goes by where someone isn't emailing/tweet/DMing/PMing me for querying advice. It comes with the territory of being a literary agent intern (multiple times). So I decided to do a comprehensive post on my top advice for those who are querying horror. As not only someone who writes it, but someone who interns for the Bree Ogden (horror queen), I know plenty about it. Giveaway! I'll be selecting two queries to help in the month of October[...]