Not-So-Tricky Treats for Halloween

Who says Halloween treats are just for kids? In the 21 and over crowd, most Halloween beverages fall under the category of dessert rather than hydration. If you choose to drink, please do so responsibly. To support our underage and chemically dependent readers, all of these drinks can be deliciously made sans liquor. 1. Jell-O           This wriggling, mysterious substance is perfect for Halloween. Pictured above are three ways to serve Jell-O (shots). What makes it glow in the black light? Quinine, of course! We turn the garage i[...]


Zombie Juice: The Formula for a Monster Smoothie

When I started writing seriously a couple of years ago, a few things had to change to support my habit. When you work a demanding day job, and you often stumble out of the office craving a little more than what the nine to five offers, you need to establish certain routines that support the extra shamble home. The people who tell you to exercise and eat right? They've got the right idea. The better shape your body is in, the better likelihood you've got to plant yourself in front of a keyboard for a few extra hours every night and churn some words that don't suck.[...]