Let’s Talk About Scary

We've all heard it, read it on social media...possibly said it... Don't go see that horror movie. It isn't scary. It bothers me that a vague comment can send us spiraling into doubt. We get sad and disappointed before we even see it, and who needs that? I posted on FB that I was super excited to go see the new movie Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Someone commented, informing me that her teenage girls saw it and said it wasn't scary, so she wasn't going to waste her time. CUE THE BIGGEST SIGH. I have been looking forward to this movie. I STILL WANT to see[...]


Let’s Watch a #Horror Movie…1408

Every month I get together with my horror-loving friends and live-tweet a scary movie. Because it's more fun with friends. This month I will be watching the 2007 psychological horror movie 1408, based on the Stephen King story of the same title. If you haven't read the story...do. I love it! Super creepy and weird and mind warping fun! You can find it in one of his anthologies.   The movie is pretty different than the written version. The main story is the same, just amped up a bit. When making a short story, rather than a full novel, into a movie there'[...]


Halloween Traditions – My Top 3 Halloween Memories

I love Halloween. More than Christmas. More than Thanksgiving. More than Disneyland or sunny weather or adorable baby kittens. I have so many wonderful Halloween memories. So many that it's kind of hard to count them. When I looked at my calendar today and realized that there's only six days to Halloween, I couldn't believe it! There are so many wonderful memories. So many amazing costumes. I’m sure the rest of the Midnight Society gang will have plenty of fun to share for our Halloween Traditions week! Today I wanted to share with you my top three memo[...]


Real Life True Horror

A real-life creepy thing happened to me today. It JUST happened so naturally my skin is still crawling. I should share it with you. I'm sure in time I will but man... I've been freaked out ALL DAY. It got me thinking about real-life creepy things. About true horror stories. About tales with twists and turns that sound absolutely like a nightmare...but they aren't. They are real life. One of the coolest things about horror movies and horror novels is that we can stands by and watch something utterly terrifying in the safety of our rooms, couches, or blan[...]