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Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp – Part I

I spent the past weekend at Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp. My cohort of writer grunts faced brutally honest horror and science fiction writers and an editor, and they pushed us to self-edit and craft our best stories. Writers (especially speculative fiction writers) who want to take their craft to the next level will be transformed by Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp. It took two years for me to believe my writing was ready after JG Faherty recommended it to me. Application to Borderlands Boot Camp included a writing sample, after all. Once accepted, I[...]


Thirteen Nights of #Frightmas: DRIFT (A Short Story)

Drift by Brian LeTendre Snow will continue to be heavy through the overnight hours, and we are expecting up to an additional seven to eight inches on top of the foot most of the Pioneer Valley has received from storm Howard so far. Wind gusts will mean snow drifts of several feet in certain areas, and visibility will continue to be poor for the next several hours. We're now going live to Andrew Sanders in downtown-- Amber clicked back over to the crime procedural she'd been watching and pulled the quilt tighter around herself as she lay cocooned on the couch. "I c[...]


House for Sale: Great View…Don’t Mind the Headstones

My daughter, somewhere around age 7 or 8, told me that her friend insisted they put their hands up when driving by a cemetery. If you didn’t…a ghost would follow you home. I told her that wasn’t true. No amount of putting your hands in the air would stop a ghost from following you home. Mom of the year…right? She asked me if I believed in ghosts. I said yes. And I do believe that cemeteries are full of paranormal goodness. Though I am unsure of the odds of something following you home, I do believe it could happen. Cemeteries are strange places, a consta[...]


Pizza Baby!

Hello!   It's been over a month since I've posted and oh, how I've missed you! This post is a bit of a cheat since I'm not really posting anything, just announcing! I'll be back to the same old next, next Friday, but for today I have two little announcements. First off, I birthed the newest member of the Midnight Society! This little turnip's name is Esmond Matthew :D I'm 100% biased, but that is one cute tiny human. Along with a real baby, there's also a new book baby in my life! Our commander, Jolene, curated a selection of delightful pizza-inspired sh[...]


The Haunted House on Oak Hollow Drive

'ello Midnighters, Today is Easter, for those celebrating--congrats. (Do you say congrats for this? Idk.) For those who don't celebrate, you probably knows this better as the time with the remarkable, truly remarkable, reese's peanut butter shaped-eggs. They are remarkable (if you hadn't gotten that from the first two remarkable, the third one will have to drive the point home). Now, since we have a Haunted Houses theme this month, I want to share with you a creepy fable with bunnies, because it seems fitting. Haunted House. Bunnies. Stuff. Now, onward to the st[...]