Drink From The Skulls Of Horror Icons

Needing coffee to fuel my day isn’t particularly original. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get to have a little fun with my morning java fix. When I stumbled upon Turkey Merck, an artisan who handcrafts horror-themed mugs and other merch, I was floored by the craftsmanship. Handcrafted, hand-painted, elaborately designed mugs that look like real skulls? I’m sold! But these designs are not for the faint of heart, or those who don’t possess a quick mouse-finger. These limited edition designs sell out within MINUTES of being released and I can see why.[...]


My Creepy Christmas Tree Experiment

Last year I feasted mine eyes on a few Christmas trees all trimmed out with creepy, a white tree with black ornaments and a tree decked out in skulls. I WANT TO DO THAT, but I don't want to copy one. So I share with you, my creepy Christmas (Creepmas?) tree experiment, my attempt to find my very own interpretation of a spooky tree. An odd conversation, as my husband discovers me staring at a seven foot slim artificial tree with an eerie light in my eyes. Husband: Do we need this tree? Me: I think so. I need a horror tree. I'm going to decorate it all creepy. An[...]



Skulls! Not necessarily that creepy, (they've got nothing on hearts) I mean when we talk about skulls we're usually talking about clean ones, so no blood or guts, and yet when you see one, you definitely don't think Sunday brunch at the Country Club, now, do you? Let's celebrate their creepiness a bit. Noah Scalin definitely did that with his art book, Skull-A-Day...    Skull-A-Day by Noah Scalin Skull-A-Day began in June 2007 when Scalin, at a creative crossroads, decided he would make a skull every day for the next year. He went to his studio, cut th[...]