My Creepy Christmas Tree Experiment

Last year I feasted mine eyes on a few Christmas trees all trimmed out with creepy, a white tree with black ornaments and a tree decked out in skulls. I WANT TO DO THAT, but I don’t want to copy one. So I share with you, my creepy Christmas (Creepmas?) tree experiment, my attempt to find my very own interpretation of a spooky tree.

An odd conversation, as my husband discovers me staring at a seven foot slim artificial tree with an eerie light in my eyes.

Husband: Do we need this tree?

Me: I think so. I need a horror tree. I’m going to decorate it all creepy. And it’s on clearance!

Husband: Oh. And where is this going?


Husband: … *shrugs* *buys me the tree*

He’s so nice.

Huddled in the musty basement, the tree waited.

As Halloween approaches and the stores fill with creepy decor, I pick up a few things for my tree.

(Though I tossed the orange ornaments, because it’s not a Halloween tree).

I hope that will be enough to trigger a plan!

Finally the time arrives, and I set up the tree, assembling it like a pro.

I take the Halloween decor out from the cupboard and begin…without a plan, but the tablecloth makes an excellent tree skirt! Now for lights!

OH DEAR HORROR GODS, those Halloween “purple” lights are…PINK! AAAAHHHHHH! NOOOOO!!! OFF THEY COME.

Luckily I have two strands of cool white lights sitting around, because I messed up a couple years ago and bought cool white instead of warm white and , well…yeah, I couldn’t use them. UNTIL NOW.

I LIKE IT. A nice eerie feel.

Cutting out the eyes and putting a hole in the bottom of the little plastic skulls…

makes awesomeness!

But what to add? Will the ornaments be enough?

Not really. Ho hum.

Another trip to the store, and I discover black and gray ribbon. That could work…

Ummmm…no, but maybe…

If I cut it into strips and weave it through the tree?


And add the ornaments…

BLAH…it needs something else. BUT WHAT? This is what happens when you don’t have a plan. All the questions and doubt. What do I want this to be?

Think, me. Think. Find inspiration!

My favorite scary thing is ghosts. So…a phantom tree? How do I make it more spectral?

On a trip to the store, white glittery netting catches my eye…


We have exited creepy and entered bridal.

I GIVE UP! I throw ideas and stuff at this tree, hoping something sticks. Yet, nothing does.

UNTIL I discover a bit of Halloween that didn’t get put away.

AND I HAVE AN IDEA. Some paint and dowel rods…

What about a haunted tree? A ghost-infested holiday wonder.


Overall, I think it’s a good start! For not having a clue as I began, for putting ribbon and ornaments on and taking them off a bazillion times, I am happy with the result. The plain white ornaments need…something. Next Halloween I will shop for more skulls, one bigger and a few smaller to add. Make the haunting really special.

Why not add some creepy to Christmas. Christmas needs creepy.









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