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Going Back at IT

Confession time: I've never read Stephen King's IT. Well, that's not entirely true--I've tried to read IT four separate times over the last thirty years. I was twelve when the book first came out, and I remember taking my dad's copy after he was done with it. I was a big Stephen King fan, having gobbled up all of his short stories to that point. I'd also recently finished Pet Sematary, so I was excited when I saw IT on our kitchen table one day. But despite two separate tries in the next year or so, I wasn't able to get more than halfway through the book. In t[...]


Vampy Goodness – Who Was Your First?

I was nine years old when Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired, and I hid in a guest room, blocked the door, and watched it with the television turned down so low I had to keep my ear a few inches from the set. There was that warning in the beginning of the show, about it being for viewers 14 and up, and damned if I was going to run the risk of missing out on this. All these years later, and I still don't go a month without watching an episode. Honestly, it's pretty weird to go a week. I watch it over breakfast, the perfect start to my day. Buffy and I have been[...]