A Childhood Horror House

When we decided as a group to write about horror houses this month, my thoughts immediately went to the old delapidated structure that I used to explore as a kid. Back before there were computers, cable TV with eight million channels, Playstations, and cell phones, I had the woods surrounding my house as my sole source of entertainment. Limited technology aside, we knew how to use our imaginations and this run down house/barn was the perfect place to dream it all up. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to explore in a structure that was probably condemmed, but wh[...]


Curious Things Found on the Internet – Part III

So. This post was planned a few weeks in advance. More on this in a sec; largely because it has to do with where I am when this post goes live. (Delays on comment responses will be inevitable, I'm afraid.) With The Forest's recently released, there's been a spike in talk about Aokighara Forest in Japan -- the setting in which the movie is based. You might have heard of it before, as it is featured in Kendare Blake's follow-up to Anna Dressed in Blood: the sequel to the series, Girl of Nightmares. Maybe you're a fan of Atlas Obscura (I sure am) and came across[...]