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March 2014


Real-Life Creepy Places, Part I: Pripyat

Pripyat was an unremarkable small town in the Ukraine, founded in 1970, with a population of about 49,000. Until April 1986, when an explosion at the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant contaminated the city and a large chunk of the surrounding territory with radioactive particles. The town, originally built to house the workers of the nuclear power plant and their families, was so close to the plant you could see the fire from the roofs of the buildings. The residents of Pripyat were not alerted of the deadly disaster that had occurred just a few miles away. T[...]


Why Does Anyone Tell These Stories?

I watched my first horror movies in my parent's bedroom, when my mother was at work. It was a secret between my father and me. His father, my grandfather, had recently passed away and we were living in his house. On my breaks from school, we'd sometimes watch three movies in a row. We were living in this mini-mansion with an unfinished basement and a spiral staircase and all the makings of the perfect horror film. After one particular movie, I would never stick my hand anywhere near the garbage disposal again. My father didn't talk much those days. He was angry a[...]



Fear. We all feel it, whether it’s a fictitious entity like a killer clown or it’s a psychological one. Fears morph into different beings as we get older, but the heart-pounding, pulse racing feeling we get when scared doesn’t change. My first fear was...dolls. After watching the movie POLTERGIEST in third grade, I was scared to death that my dolls would come to life and drag me under my bed. I know now that I was way too young to watch that movie, but that’s what happens when you have older neighbors with a scramble box. In fact, the fear of dolls is s[...]


Welcome to The Midnight Society!

Ladies and gents! Boys and ghouls! Welcome to The Midnight Society. We have high hopes for this secret society. Here you will find all sorts of oddities and treasures, screams and scares, and wonderfully dark things. We have creepy photos, real life ghost stories, cemetery visits, new adult and young adult horror books, and much more planned. All of this is brought to you by our wonderfully horrific team. You can get to know them a little more intimately on the Obituary page, but let's see who the members of The Midnight Society are, shall we?  Meet The Midni[...]