Horrific Post-Its by John Kenn Mortensen

I have this weird love for Post-Its. I think it might be one of those writer things combined with just my normal weirdness. But then I found these and I flipped out.

Artist John Kenn Mortensen lets his imagination slither onto Post-Its in the form of monsters, ghosts, and other creeptastic things! When I started oogling these art pieces, I felt like he’d reached into my head and drew things from the darkest corners of my mind. I want them. All of them.

Check them out!




These are all done on Post-It’s people! How amazing are these?! I especially like the one above. It reminds me of what The Midnight Society mansion looks like. Covered with monsters, ghosts, and trees.

Where can I buy one of these ghostly lovelies?

Thankfully, Mr. Mortensen has a website and a Facebook, so you can get more information there. If you’re looking to go straight to his web store, then feel free to empty those pockets! I don’t know Mr. Mortensen nor did he ask me to endorse these in any way. I just think they are too amazing to not share with you guys.


 What do you guys think? Will  you be buying one? What is your favorite scary art pieces? Who is your favorite scary artist? Let me know in the comments below!

Jolene - Midnight Society Signatures


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