Zombie Beauty Pageants

I was going to think of a fun title for this post, but honestly, doesn’t the simple title grab your attention? Maybe you thought I was kidding when you decided to look at this post, but let me tell you straight up, this post is about exactly what I said it was. Zombie beauty pageants. I did not realize this was such a big thing, but it is, and there’s probably one (at least somewhat) near you! They happen at conventions and as part of the intermission at plays (that happened at a community play in Wichita) and county fairs (hey Denver!).

A great ongoing one is the Inland Empire Zombie Beauty Pageant and the Inland Empire Comic Expo in Redlands, CA.

If you’re going to Phoenix Comicon (which is growing to be a pretty big con!) you can see a Zombie Beauty pageant tomorrow! Arizona must be pretty big on Zombie Beauty pageants, since I also found one at the smaller Amazing Arizona Comicon in January.

So, guys. What would your zombie talent be? There’s a girl in that trailer who pulls out her own intestines and jump ropes with them. You can actually learn more about her journey at the Inland Empire Zombie Beauty Pageant in the True Life episode “I want to be an obscure beauty queen” on MTV.com.

The world is amazing. 🙂


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