I am a huge Stephen King fan. I enjoy reading his stories and watching his words come to life on the big screen. But the real reason I have so much regard for Mr. King is because of his ability to take himself and writing so seriously.


A few years ago I read his book on the craft of writing aptly named, On Writing. If you haven’t read this yet, I implore you to get a copy now. Seriously. I’ve recently come back to read some advice he gives–because honestly, sometimes writers need to give themselves a good ol’ pep talk. Reminding yourself once and a while about why you write is a necessary evil.

I especially think that horror writers need to do this. Often. It seems like the world’s perception is that horror writers have had a traumatic experience in their lifetime, which is the cause of the horrible tales told.

This is absolutely not the case. I write horror. And I do it because…it’s my calling. I write for me. I write to get stories out of my head. I do it to, in the words of Master King to: “let go of the fear and affection.” Now I’m taking this quote a little out of context, but it suits the purpose here.

Write for yourself. Don’t write to get published, even though we ALL wish for this. Tell the story you need to tell, no matter what the genre.

Don’t be afraid.

Except of the dark.

When it’s dark, you will be pulled in. And stories will be told.

So charge your computers, refresh the batteries in your flashlights, and write in the dark.


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