Halloween Ideas and Inspiration

For this post I found several great makeup tutorials and handmade accessories. My purpose here is to get your creative juices flowing. Have you started thinking about your costume for this year? Honestly, dressing up is pretty much THE BEST part of Halloween. (Unless you actually enjoy the day-after Halloween sugar coma.)

Here are some of the coolest, prettiest, and best demonstrated examples I came across.


A beautiful sugar skull tutorial-

I did a sugar skull last year, but it was NOT this gorgeous.


Jack Skellington-

A sleek, spooky vibe that’s perfect for a more slender female face.


Cheshire Cat-

I’m pretty sure I’m going to do my own rendition of this this year. Meow!


Annabelle Doll-

Just in time for the movie! Just in time to scare the sh*t out of everyone on your block!

(wait for the voice… I fell over laughing when I realized who the makeup artist was.)


Some Dreamy Fantasy-

Beautiful. Enough said.


Beautiful Black Light Photography Makeup-

This makes me want to splatter everyone I know and then pick up a camera. Seriously. Come here. Let me splatter you with coolness.


And while we’re at it, how about some AMAZING accessories?


(click pic to go to the Etsy shop)


(click pic for Etsy shop)



(click pic for Etsy shop)


Aaaannnnnd how about this puppy…



(click pic for Etsy shop)


I am SO EXCITED to start focusing on costumes and makeup. What are you guys planning??


Suzy G.


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