Happy Slasher Week!!!

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Wait, that sounds weird when I say it out loud.


Happy slasher week!

As most of you know, slasher horror is one of my favorite kinds of horror. Growing up, I absolutely loved Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy Krueger, and everything in between. Cabin in the Woods was A-MAZ-ING. Scream is still one of my go-to favorite movies of all time. Our love for the slasher genre is what led to Brian and I writing our book together.


What is it about slasher books and slasher movies that draws us in?

Do we have to be raging lunatics to cheer on the bad guy?

Because if I’m being honest, that’s exactly what I’m doing when I watch movies like that. I cheer for the main character to make it out alive. I cheer for the bad guy because sometimes it’s so good to be bad. And I gleefully await the gruesome deaths of the rest of the cast. Because apparently, I’m a monster, just like those dangerous things lurking with knives in the movies.


Today I want to share my favorite slasher villain with you.





It’s Michael Myers!


There are so many reasons I love Michael Myers. His constant walk after his victims but his ability to catch up is the best.

Also, HALLOWEEN. Can we talk about how perfect it is that he stalks and kills on my favorite holiday.


On the night when spooks and spirits and mystery reigns, Michael is out there making sure that creepy and scary is exactly what you will get.


Family. Let’s talk about how much Michael loves is family. Because hello, Jamie Lee Curtis.


The linger creep. Michael is extremely good at the linger creep. You’ll be walking down the sidewalk and boom, up ahead, just close enough to make you feel afraid is a man in a mask. You glance away for one second, and he’s now disappeared behind the bushes. Should you keep walking? Why was he just standing there? Waiting? Is he waiting for you? The linger creep is my favorite.


Michael Myers is timeless. The same story that people enjoyed back in 1978 when the first Halloween movie was released, can be enjoyed today and has a gazillion remakes.


He gets what he wants. He’s smart. He’s shifty. He’s not afraid to wait you out. You can set his story anywhere, old house, creepy neighborhood, mental hospital, actual hospital and it works. Every. Time.


Plus, he has the best creeptastic music, thanks to John Carpenter. Seriously, every time it still gives me goosebumps. It’s. Fucking. Perfect. Listen for yourself on this 10 hour loop.


He’s inherently evil and he’s 100% the absolutely coolest bad guy out there.

Happy Slasher Week Michael!


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P.S. Here’s a list of YA slashers from Goodreads user Jacob. Leave your recommendations in the comments below for what I should read and watch next!