Okay, so Christmas music is already, shall we say, around. And you might know that I am a Christmas music lovah through and through. But this is October, right? This is the month for creepy, not jolly. For scaring, not caring.

Fine. I admit it. I’ve listened to a carol or two recently. But whatever, my point is it’s time to break out the creepy music playlist. I’ve compiled some spooky tunes. Haunting and chill-inducing were my criteria for making the cut. Take a listen and see what you think.

Note: If you watched America Horror Story: Freak Show last night, you might recognize track 1 (first box). Those of you who watched, what did you think? Are you afraid of clowns now? 🙂

Note 2: Track 3 (first box) is actually a Christmas song, if you can believe it. Whoa. And yes, if you would kindly ignore the fact that I put a Christmas song on our creepy music playlist, that’d be greaaaaaat. Kthanks.

Do you have a favorite creepy song? Tell me what it is.

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