Halloween is Coming!


Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, I know that Halloween is over 2 months away but there’s something special happening this year. The remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show will preview on FOX.

I’m old enough to have experienced the original film in the theater. I know, I don’t look a day over…Enough of that. I remember standing in line with costumed fans and watching them act out the film, bringing it all to life. I am so excited that a new generation will get to enjoy Rocky Horror Picture Show, whether it’s new or the original film (I do hope you watch both though).

Here’s a great scene from the original, Dammit, Janet!–starring Susan Sarandon.

For those of you who have watched Orange is the New Black, you know full well who Laverne Cox is–and the previews of her performance here are nothing short of amazing! Making the well-rounded cast even more perfect? Tim Curry is back, although not revising his original role!

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