1st Annual Midnight Society Costume Contest!

How is your October so far, guys? Are you reading along with our Halloween book club? Watching our live tweet movies? I do hope you are checking out the #EverydayIsHalloween Twitter hashtag to keep up with all the fun things happening.

Today we’ve got YET ANOTHER fun activity– one that can win you a fabulous prize.

It’s the 1st Annual Midnight Society Costume Contest!

We want to see what you’ve got, you rockstars and ghouls. We want the glamorous, the creepy, the elegant, the bloody, the funny. We want it all. We want to be wowed and amazed and grossed out and we want to maybe even laugh. Give it to us!


(my daughter, Mother Nature, ’09)

Tweet us pics using the hashtag #EverydayIsHalloween, or post it to our Facebook page. They can be pics of you, your friends, your family… anyone with a stellar costume! (If you click pics of strangers, please make sure their faces are obscured for privacy.)




(my daughter again, Hipster Zombie, 2013)

Just as a funny little aside, I will share a story of my very worst Halloween costume ever. When I was maybe 10, my friend was having a Halloween party. A party which my mom completely forgot about until about ten minutes before. She pulled out a black Hefty trash bag, cut a hole in the top for my head, two holes in the sides for my arms, and smeared some red lipstick on my face.

I was a vampire.

The most pathetic vampire in the history of ever.

Yeah, you better believe I got teased for the entire duration of the party.

Here’s another last minute costume from a few years ago:



(me and my youngest, The Black Eyed Peas, 2009)

You can do better than a Hefty trash bag or a fake-beat-up baby, guys. Wow us! There are prizes in it for you!

Winners and prizes to be awarded during our big Halloween Bash on the 30th!

Bring it!


Suzy G.


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