Horror Movie Plot — Twitter Game

Hey ghouls and boys! Happy Friday!

Halloween is now only 1 week away and I hope your festivities are revving up and you’re excited and ready to party down and howl at the moon. (Those are my plans, anyway.)

This is just a quick post to let you know about yet another fun event we’ve got going this weekend. (I say “yet another” because we’ve got loads of fun contests going right now. Scroll up to some earlier posts and see all of the fun things you can win!)

This weekend I will be hosting a Horror Movie Plot game on Twitter! The game will be played in two ways. For the first leg, I will tweet out a movie title and you will tweet back with your ultra-short movie plot.

For example, if I tweet “Nightmare on Elm Street” you might reply with “Bad skin, tragic sweater, and in desperate need of a manicure, dude is a nightmare”… or whatever.


Your plots can be straightforward, humorous, clever, sarcastic… any way you like it.

The alternate leg of the game will be basically the opposite. I’ll tweet out a tweet-sized movie plot and you guys will have to correctly guess the title. At the end of the weekend, I’ll collect all the plots and correct titles and on Monday I will randomly choose three winners.

I’ll be using the hashtag #MdnightMovie so follow along to play! And I DO HOPE you are periodically checking the #EverydayIsHalloween hashtag to see all of the other amazingly fun things happening! Thanks to all of you who are already jumping in and sharing your costume pics and jack-o-lantern pics and general Halloweeny- shenanigans. You guys are awesome.

No, Dean. You're awesome.

No, Dean. You’re awesome.


Spookily yours,

Suzy G.

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