Frankenstein Playlist

It’s Wednesday–the day Faith shows up and tells you something about Frankenstein.

What’s an undead creature going to do without some theme music?


Track List:

  • Monster Mash
  • Frankenstein by Lenny Kravitz
  • Over at the Frankenstein Place from The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
  • 1816. The Year Without a Summer by Rasputina
  • The Ballad of Frankenstein by Stereomonster
  • Frankenstein by The Edgar Winter Group
  • Teenage Frankenstein by Alice Cooper
  • Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper
  • Some Kind of Monster by Metallica
  • Bride of Frankenstein by Toy Love
  • Jumpstart Your Electric Heart by Kevin Max
  • Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy

What do you think, Midnighters? Do you know other songs out there that mention Frankenstein, the monster, the bride, or the book?

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