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I am and forever will be an 80’s girl. Between the clothes, the music, and the movies we had it all. We also had…THE THING!

Just like every other 80’s movie, THE THING begins with rolling credits and cheesy music. And a flying UFO. Lol!

THE THING takes place in Antarctica, winter 1982. There are American and a Norwegian camps who are there to explore. The poor Norwegians think they’ve made the greatest discovery–a UFO. Little do they know, this will be the death of them all. Leave it to the American crew–lead by helicopter pilot, Mac (played by Kirk Russell).

One of the more interesting scenes is when a man’s chest cracks wide open to reveal a huge mouth with teeth takes. And of course it bites off the arms of his friend who’s trying to revive him. And what pops out? This weird creature with spider legs and a shrunken human face. I swear they used mustard as one of the liquids!

And let me tell you, this movie has all the cheese factor…flame throwers, Jim Beam, bloody blow up dolls (at least this is what one of the bodies looks like), roller-skates, and a little Stevie Wonder music!


If the 1982 version doesn’t appeal to you, how about the 2011 movie?

  • Kathy Palm
    March 17, 2015

    It’s been a loooooooong time since I’ve seen The Thing. And the 80’s rocked. 🙂

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