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As you may know, I work part-time at a brick and mortar bookstore. And no, I won’t tell you which one:) Anyway, I was doing a little zoning of our magazines and low and behold, there were these few precious gems among the stacks. You guessed it, there were horror magazines! Of course, I had to flip through and check them out. One thing I found interesting is that there was pop culture combined with old school horror. And monsters galore!

Magazine #1: Rue Morgue– The Poe themed magazine caught my eye first. The main focus in this month’s installment is the creepy story of The Changeling. The content of this magazine was the best and it gave tons of information about the Canadian ghost story. It’s online component is fantastic as well.



Magazine #2: Horror Hound– I LOVE Rocky Horror Picture Show, so this cover totally caught my eye. I love the mix of some old school horror and new stuff, like the theater masks and the mask from Scream. Not as horror filled as the previous title, but still worth reading.


Do any of you subscribe to any horror magazines? Share your favorite with us in the comments.

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