Ghosts, Zombies, and… Faeries?

Horror takes many forms. From the guy with an ax in the woods, to the inner workings of an insane mind, to monsters in the closet.

But what about faeries?

And I’m not talking Tinkerbell, even though in the book her temper is a little scary. I’m referring to the Fae. Ummm… scary? Most of them play tricks,  cause problems. Some merely desire to trap humans. But others want to devour people. I offer three movies brought to you by the epic Guillermo del Toro, featuring Fae that will certainly make you think twice about stepping into a mushroom ring.


The 2008 Universal Studios film Hellboy II


Classified as a sci-fi, action movie, this film has definite elements of horror. The creatures in this movie are fabulous. Entering the secret troll market we come face to face with a strange world, from elves, troll, and goblins, to tooth fairies.


If these guys come looking for your teeth… run fast! They eat bones too.

And my favorite! The Angel of Death.



The 2011 Miramax film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark


No doubt this one sits squarely in the horror genre. The little beasties, who crawl out of the dark hole to eat teeth and creep through the air ducts, have me scared to look under the bed.




The 2006 New Line Cinema movie Pan’s Labyrinth


One of my favorite movies ever, even with reading subtitles, this one changed my life. Classified as dark fantasy, this one is a little gory and a lot creepy. The Fae in this movie are incredible.

The faun leads our heroine on her quest. A good guy, but a little creepy.


And my favorite the Pale Man, who will eat you if you eat anything from his table.



When we think of the list of scary monsters, don’t forget the Fae. And if you come across one… RUN!


*pics compliments of Google Images



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