Writing Bloody 3

It’s week #3 of NaNo, so let the craziness continue!

Castial and Sam

This week should be full of writing the middle 1/3 of your novel. This is often the hardest part, but can also be the most fun to write!

In horror–whether it be a novel or movie–I look forward to this part. I mean, this is where the tension should be really high and I should be scared out of my wits (think Michael Meyers stalking and beginning to kill the friends of Jaime Lee Curtis).

Michael Meyers

While watching the middle is fun, writing it can be really difficult. This is where all the doubts come flying in. It’s where your word count may be slowing down. You have to fight the impulse to throw the entire story in the trash and start over. But consider what’s over the hump…THE END!

So come on everybody! Keep writing. Have some faith. And let’s get this done!

Dean Good Time