Outrunning Zombies

Alright, the idea for this post comes from a comment our very own Jolene made to me on Facebook. For those who haven’t yet friended us, here’s what was said:

Amy: Got a short run in today. The snow made everything so pretty!
Jolene: Look at you running! I only run if I am being chased.

I’ve always said this very thing. That running was only useful to get away. I’d even laugh about being one of the first people to die in an apocalypse, because even the zombies would be able to catch me.

Not. Any. More.

I can’t yet run far or very fast, but I think I can run faster than the walkers from The Walking Dead. Them, I might survive. I mean, they shamble instead of run. Even if I can walk quickly I’d get away from them. So, a win for me.


The zombies from Z Nation; however, have a greater promise of catching me. I mean, have you seen how fast they are? I might be able to dodge and weave for a few minutes, but I’d quickly burn out from the running.

Crazy, right?

And I am sooooo, not a runner. Never have been. But there’s something freeing about running down snow-lined streets (we just had a record breaking 31+ inches here of snow) and just living. If I can keep this up, not only will I be healthy but I’ll survive the zombie apocalypse when it happens.

Will you?

  • Amelinda
    January 26, 2016

    Have you tried the “Zombies, Run!” app yet?? I’ve only made it through a couple of episodes, but I hear the writing is excellent throughout. And there’s nothing quite so motivating as a voice in your ear going “oh my god…they’re right behind you. Run. RUN!” Especially in the dark!

  • Kathy Palm
    January 29, 2016

    I hate running. I will die quite quickly.

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