Creepy Music Videos To Love

We’ve talked horror Youtube shorts, we’ve talked creepy soundtracks, but one topic I don’t think has ever been covered here at the Midnight Society is CREEPY MUSIC VIDEOS.

Because I love music and music videos like nobody’s business.

And the only way I love music more, is when they are creepy or weird.

What are your favorite horror music videos?


Here are some of mine. Prepare for nightmares and excellent beats.












Michael Jackson


First things first, one of my favorite horror music videos is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It’s so classic and awesome, entertaining and creepy. And I love the twist at the end. This music video is so groundbreaking because it told a story, kept cinematic horror elements as a key player, and because the music is just too darn good. Feast your ears and your eyes.


New Year’s Day


I used to listen to this band in high school and back then, they were very much like the old school Paramore. Since then, their music has turned dark in nature. They proclaim their music to be Haunted Mansion-core (which sounds pretty awesome if you ask me). Haunted Mansion-core did not turn out to sound how I envisioned it BUT I’ve been obsessed with this song and this video lately.

It’s got everything…an Angel and Demon theme happening, lots and lots of blood, the collection of hearts and arguably souls, and if you’re into that kind of thing, a handsome tatted up dude in a nice suit (and a beautiful tatted up girl half naked too).


Dead Man’s Bones


When I think Haunted Mansion-Core, I feel like this is more what I expect it to be. Classy, haunted, spooky, and fun. And I love this entire album so much that I would marry it, if it was legal in the United States.

Nothing says creepy and Halloween and haunted like a music video in a graveyard with a bunch of people in costumes. This is one of my favorite songs and videos of ALL TIME. Dead Man’s Bone will forever be one of the best things to ever happen.


Bat for Lashes



The whole vibe of this video is weird. Creepy. And I love the beat. She’s got a perfectly wonderful haunting voice and I really dig not only the BMX choreography, but also the creepy ass masks.

Actually, all of her music videos are rather haunting and kind of weird in a really, really great way. Check out her song Lillies. It reminds me of the Labyrinth.


Fever Ray


This entire video is a trip.

Vibes, man. Vibes.

Like, I don’t know what’s happening here. I don’t think anyone knows. But we can all agree it’s creepy.


Blitzen Trapper


I love Blitzen Trapper. And I love how this song tells a story about a serial killer. Because there’s nothing creepier than someone slinking around and wanting to murder you.

Can you tell that I love cinematic videos and songs that tell a complete story?


Thirty Seconds to Mars



I’m not a huge 30 Seconds to Mars person but I love this music video and this song. It’s basically a re-imagining of The Shining. How can you NOT love that?



What is your favorite, creepy music video? Which is your favorite above? Tell me in the comments below.


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