Creepy Music Videos to Love (Volume 2)

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows what a ginormous music fan I am (see last week’s post as one example). So when Jolene posted about creepy music videos the other day, I already knew I had to post some of my own. But before we get started, I must warn you–it’s gonna get dark in here.

We’ll go from least disturbing to most disturbing, so feel free to bail at any point. Or stay for the whole ride–if you dare.

Without further ado:



Jeopardy–The Greg Kihn Band

This video was a staple of Friday Night Videos and the early MTV era. Not only is the song a decent one, but the video goes from goofy comedy to Lovecraftian cosmic weirdness. You may remember the melody from the parody Weird Al did called “I Lost on Jeopardy.”



Soundgarden–Black Hole Sun

Before you could just download an app and stretch the faces of every picture on your phone, there was this video. And it was super creepy.


The Cure–Lullaby

Aside from the metaphors for abuse, depression and addiction that this video brings to mind, the fact that Robert Smith is getting devoured by a giant spider is pretty much nightmare fuel.



Um…yeah. I’m just gonna leave this here.




If you’re not into death metal, you may not fall in love with Portal’s “Curtain” as a song. But as a video–holy crap. Their take on Edgar Allan Poe’s  “The Conqueror Worm” is straight up frightening. Even if you mute the music, it will scare the crap out of you. But the music and visuals together is pretty much what I imagine the beginning of the apocalypse will be like. It’s strangely soothing.

So…that got weird. Anyway, there’s plenty of creepy music videos out there, so I’m sure we’ll be back with another edition of this series before long. In the meantime–pleasant dreams!

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