GIFspirations: The Other Post

A few aeons ago my best friend and I would jog together. Now I am no runner, but I could jog nice and slow and it wasn’t that awful. Usually. Some days it was even great.

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 9.30.10 PM

All images and GIFs courtesy of Google images.

But other days, ugh. It was rough. Maybe it was something I ate. Maybe it was dehydration, but something pushed me down. Physically.

Mentally and emotionally I was ready to run, but once in a while…it was what my friend still refers to the five-ton man run. To her, it felt like she had a five ton man on her back.

That’s me today. Not for running, but writing. This post has had me dragging for three days.

I started a post about my worst dreams.

I started a short video about my fears.

I started writing another poem.

And then, just when I was about to recycle my laptop, I asked myself: What would I post if no one else was ever going to see it?

And my answer was: GIFs.

A collection of GIFs which blend my love of the creeptacular with my need for visual stimulation.

And so, Dear Reader, until I get this five ton man off my back, here are tonight’s GIFspirations.

You can lump them or leave them for all I care.

Though, I do care. I’m sorry I said that. I love you.


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