Which Witch is Which?

Hello, lovelies!


I’m sitting here, sipping a little brew I whipped up in the cauldron (spearmint AND peppermint tea – I’m crazyAF), researching witches. I was originally going to take things back a few hundred years but I decided to keep this post a bit more current this time around.


Growing up in a predominately Christian home, I was raised thinking witches were Halloween costumes and the stars of my favourite spooky movies (Hellllllo, Grand High Witch!).



As I delved deeper into the bowels of the library, and then the glorious internet, I discovered that Witches were far more common that the stories had led me to believe. In fact, the VERY FIRST thing my girlfriend and I looked up on Netscape Navigator (God, I am old), was a list of spells, how to preform them, and what we’d need. (We ended up giving up due to horrifically slow dial-up and she pierced my ears with her Jazzy Jewelry set)

Now that I have the most speed a gal could hope for, I’m ready with some more modern witches (who probably won’t turn you into a mouse):

The Kitchen Witch: Usually healers, they work with plants, stones, flowers, trees, the elements, and other mysterious beings like gnomes and faeries. Given my love for essential oils, I think this is the witch for me!

The Solitary Witch: Working alone and not bound to any coven, these witches often practice different systems of the craft, sometimes blending two or more.

The Eclectic Witch: These Witches work outside the normal scope of Wicca/Witchcraft. They borrow knowledge and practices, creating their own beliefs and religious systems.

The Hedge Witch: These Witches are considered masters of herbal arts and earth-based spirituality. They’d be the witches commonly used for their midwife and healing skills.

I could probably go on for hours, but alas, the stupid yoga mat is calling. I do have one question before I get my Namaste on….Which Witch are you?

  • Kathy Palm
    June 12, 2017

    I’m more of a solitary/eclectic witch, I think…yeah… VERY COOL!

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