College Advice from Horror Movies

It’s that special time for sharing sage advice with the teen in your household.  It’s College Tour Time!

You’ve spent the last few years being stalked by killers through your high school and neighborhood.

You’ve dealt with high school drama, maybe even gotten your heart broken.

But you survived!

Now you’re touring colleges.  This is a big decision, choosing that next step in life, but you’re going to nail it.

Find your people. College won’t always be easy, but people to study and hang out with will make it easier.  You’ll end up going through a lot with your college friends.

Avoid risky behavior.  Or, at least run faster than the demons that invariably show up.

You may  need to face drama from your past to move on to the future.  You’ll feel better after you do.

College is about finding what you want to be as you grow up, not just when you grow up.  Be open to a career path that suits you.

And don’t forget to visit your family now and then. They’re going to miss you.

Make good choices, kids.

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