Happy Birthday author ? Mary Rajotte ?!

Happy Birthday Mary Rajotte!

Our fearless spooky author friend Mary was born today. You can find her drinking iced coffee from a skull, being a rockstar and a walking database for horror knowledge. She’s also wonderful and sunny, and inspires all of us daily. Michael and the Midnight team are celebrating today! Did anyone call for a pizza?


Mary, to kick off your birthday I, of course, made a cocktail for all of us. It’s actually a Fantastic Beasts Halloween cocktail that changes colors. Check out the recipe here.

Mary, your creativity inspires me daily to be better. More creative. More productive. And I appreciate how you always drive the communities you’re in to excel. I really admire how organized you are and you’ve saved me more than once with all of your great ideas.

Happy birthday sweet friend!

Love, Jolene


Happy birthday! You know that I’m bringing the soundtrack to this party, since we have similar tastes in music.

We’ll kick things off with a little Ministry:

Then move on to a little Rammstein:

Then as the party wears on we can go retro with a little Judas priest:

Have an amazing birthday, Mary! I hope it rocks.



You work so hard, so I found you the perfect spot where you can take a break.

Relaxing, right? We’ll invite all the ghosts and ghouls and have some cake.


And one last message from a certain someone…


Have the bestest day!




Happy happy birthday Mary! We hope you have the best day!

With love and skeletons,

The Midnight Society

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