Classic Horror


The Very First Time Frankenstein Took to the Screen

It's Wednesday, which means more talk about that classic undead, Frankenstein's monster. A few weeks ago we got started with some trivia about the book where it all began, so this week I thought we'd look at the first time this story was put to film. But it wasn't where you might believe. Edison (yeah, Thomas Edison, the light bulb guy, he did other stuff, too!) Studios made a short film for the movie in 1910, but it was called sacrilegious (as this story often was) and disappeared into the night. It didn't pop back up again until the 1950s when a private collec[...]


The Society’s Favorite Classic Monsters

Since I've started posting about that classic monster of Frankenstein's here on Wednesdays, I thought it would be a great opportunity to pry open the minds of the other Midnight Society members and see what their favorite classic monsters are! Make sure to let us know what your favorite is in the comments! What's your favorite classic horror monster? I’m a fangirl of bloodsuckers, personally. I loved tracking the progression of the vampire in literature back to the days of Robert Polidori and Sheridan la Fanu, but especially seeing its evolution as a romantici[...]


Reboot of the Horror Movie

Love horror? If you search the Internet, you'll find just how many horror films will be releasing over the next two years. Today, the focus is on horror reboots. While there are many being talked about, only a handful have made progress in writing, casting, and filming. I have seen every one of the originals. The Crow was dark and haunting. Frankenstein was amazing in black and white. Poltergeist scarred me for life. Carrie is the book that almost wasn't. The story behind Stephen King's path to success is as amazing as the movie version is. Gremlins--a stuffed[...]


Poltergeist Remake

Story time: When I was a kid, kindergarten or first grade, I spent the night at my neighbor friend Tina's house a lot. She had teenage sisters who were pretty and had big hair and tanned boyfriends. We felt all very grown up and mature and cool tagging along behind them when they did things. One night when I was sleeping over, Tina and I were upstairs while the sisters and their boyfriends watched a movie on HBO. We heard them talking.. it was going to be scary. How hilarious, we thought, would it be to sneak downstairs, crawl behind the couches, wait for a real[...]


Zombies? Frankenstein Was Undead Before It Was Cool!

When I was a kid my favorite thing to draw was Frankenstein's monster. Eventually, I drew a little monster family, and wrote little stories about their adventures together. They had a little dog, too. Frances, the daughter, really liked math and science, and liked to play with building frankenbugs. Some kids are cooler than others. I thought it'd be fun to do a post about my love of Frankenstein and fill your brains up with some frankenlove, but when that post crept up over a thousand words, I thought, how about a series of posts where we can just keep talking[...]