Happy Birthday Amy Giuffrida!

You know her as the amazing publishing professional, teaching, mother of the year, awesome horror writer, and all around badass. We know her today, as BIRTHDAY QUEEN! Amy, we're not cutting any corners, so get ready for a badass birthday party! Grab a stake and let's go hunt some vampires.   Hey Amy, I think you're so amazing and I'm lucky to be your friend. I love how helpful, brilliant, kind, and awesome you are and I hope we're friends until we die--and that we haunt people together event after that. I hope your birthday is just as special as you a[...]


Illustrator Interview: Eric Orchard Can Eat a Metric Ton of JellyBellies

The Davis Girl (TDG): Everyone, I am overjoyed to welcome illustrator and author Eric Orchard. Hello, and good day sir.  Eric Orchard (EO): Good morning! TDG: Yes. Good morning. Are you ready for this, Eric Orchard? EO: Yep! TDG: First, who is the awesome cat in your profile picture? It has a pipe and there's a moon and it's awesome.  EO: Ohhhh! That’s a bat often mistaken for a cat! It’s Inky from Maddy Kettle. In the book he’s a bat who guides Maddy through the ancient bat kingdom under the Arizona desert to the Thimble Witch’s house on a Mesa[...]


Book Review: THERE’S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE by Stephanie Perkins

First Impressions I have always judged books by their covers so it was no surprise to me that Stephanie Perkins's There's Someone Inside Your House was an instant YES. There's a lot I love about this cover, but my hearteyes were first sewn to three things: That hint-of-late-eighties neon pink projection lettering. How some of the words are broken across the stairs and railing (why do those creeps in the movies always go upstairs when they're alone? Constant disappointment. My fellow screenwriters could know better. You don't go upstairs. You wait for the[...]


Author Interview: Tom Torre Loves D&D & Pizza & Whiskey

The Davis Girl (TDG): Everyone, I am joined via Google Hangouts by fellow snack-loving, D&D playing, Dungeon Master himself, author Tom Torre. Welcome Tom! TOM TORRE (TT): Pleasure to be chatting with ya! TDG: Fun fact, I might have screamed when I saw your tweet about "Dungeons And Drafting"  but what in the world *is* it and why does it sound so amazing? TT: Dungeons and Drafting is this bizarre concept I had been dabbling with for the last few years that has finally come to life! It's basically taking four awesome authors, throwing them together[...]


Welcome New Member Brian LeTendre

And another one bites the dust! The Midnight Society has claimed another life and we couldn't be happier to have this man join our haunted ranks from beyond the grave. Our line-up and blogging team is made up of Amy, Faith, Kathy, Kira, Jennifer, Kim, Timon, and Jolene. And now, we’ve gone one more spooky spirit on our squad. This post is well overdue as Brian already has two posts up on the site (talking JAWS and horror comics Evil Dead 2). Check them out. Welcome Brian LeTendre! Brian LeTendre crossed over while on a vision quest to connect with[...]